The Trinidad and Tobago Insurance Institute is dedicated to equality of opportunity in all of its business relationships. In light of this, the TTII acknowledges the following rights of all those with whom it interacts namely its staff, suppliers, students and members:

  • To be treated with respect and dignity;
  •  To be dealt with fairly with regard to all procedures, assessments and choices;

The TTII also acknowledges that these rights carry with them responsibilities; it therefore expects all staff, students and members to recognise these rights and act in accordance with them.

The rationale of the TTII’s Equal Opportunity Policy is to make certain that no one group or individual benefits more or receives less favourable treatment.

The TTII will therefore endeavour to ensure that all are treated on the basis of potential and ability only, regardless of gender, colour, ethnicity or nationality, sexual orientation, disability, race, age, economic background, religious or political beliefs, or other unrelated characteristic.

Through its Equal Opportunity Policy, the TTII will, seek to:

  •  Identify and eliminate unfair and discriminatory practices wherever they occur in the services and products which it offers;
  • Remove inappropriate barriers to entry and achievement, thus enabling a wider variety of people to benefit from the opportunities which it offers.

All qualifications and services offered by the TTII, legal or regulatory requirements permitting, will be:

  •  Available to all those who are able to achieve the required standard, and free from hindrances which restrict access and progression;
  •  Free from discriminatory practices, and attention will be paid to any special learning/assessment needs of individuals;
  • Free from inappropriate content, language and images;
  • Free from age or other restrictions;


To ensure the effective implementation of the Equal Opportunity Policy, the Council of the TTII and Manager/Director of Education will be responsible for the monitoring of the implementation of the Equal Opportunity Policy.  Apart from the above responsibilities, each staff member is accountable for his/her behaviour and for following the procedures associated with Equal Opportunities.


To ensure that staff fulfil their requirements under this policy all staff members will be appraised of the Policy and it will be placed in the public domain. 

Monitoring and Review

The Equal Opportunity Policy will be monitored and reviewed on an ongoing basis and based on the information obtained the TTII will evaluate possible hindrances or areas where positive action may be required.