The Trinidad and Tobago Insurance Institute is committed to delivering the highest quality of customer service to all of our students, customers, members and other stakeholders. We ensure that all customer contact is:
  • Timely
  • Reliable
  • Courteous
  • Professional

We achieve this by:

  • Treating our customers fairly and consistently and ensuring that our policies, procedures and processes support this objective.
  • Providing appropriate advice and guidance throughout periods of study in both a proactive way and in response to student enquiries.
  • Providing guidance to individuals for career enhancement.
  • Answering telephone calls within the first three rings, in a courteous and professional manner, whilst making every reasonable effort to provide the rights answers to enquiries.
  • Responding to all letters, faxes and emails in an accurate manner within 3 working days of receipt of correspondence.
  • Providing customers with a date to expect a response in instances where the issue is complex.
  • Attending to customers within five minutes of arriving at the office or within the most reasonable timeframe, during busy periods.
  • Dispatching examination results within 4 weeks for Long Term and General State Licensing Examinations and 10 weeks for Motor Loss Adjusting State Licensing Examinations.

The TTII recognizes the importance of obtaining customer feedback and utilizes that information to improve our processes and services offered. We also seek to incorporate best practice solutions into all aspects of our work.

Complaints handling

The TTII is aware that customers may not always be 100% satisfied with the service that they receive and is committed to ensuring that any complaints are dealt with effectively and consistently. Additionally, all issues are thoroughly investigated to identify ways to prevent repeat occurrences and improve procedures where necessary.

All complaints are acknowledged within five working days and customers are kept informed of the progress of their enquiry.

All enquiries should be directed to:

The Manager/Director of Education 

Charges and fee structure

The TTII’s pricing policy will afford students the opportunity to receive quality education and training in a cost effective manner, while still enabling the Institute to meet its financial obligations.  The relevant programme brochures in the “Courses” section contains the pricing information and students are informed of changes in a timely manner.