We have CII Affiliated Status!

Being a long-serving Affiliated Institute of the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) in the UK, the TTII is proud to become a member of the newly formed Institutes’ forum.

We are pleased to announce our involvement in the International Affiliated Institute Forum (IAIF), which will give the TTII the opportunity to:

  • Showcase the great work done by our institute
  • Meet similar institutes from around the world (across 5 continents) and share good practice
  • Network and collaborate with constituent affiliated institute members

The IAIF has allowed the CII opportunity to update their affiliated members on pertinent and fundamental CII themes, while allowing the TTII the opportunity to give insights and feedback on issues faced by the insurance industry in the region. 

The TTII has a mission which aligns with that of the CII and is willing to work with the CII and other affiliated institutes to support profession.

This logo is a mark of the TTII’s Affiliated Institute status with the CII, which is a symbol of (inter-alia) corporation, trust and integrity. 

See our affiliated Institutes’ status on the CII’s website here: